Using the Internet to make money

There are many ways to make real money online working from the internet.  Most people are not aware that they exist or are aware and overwhelmed with choices.  Welcome to internet land! lol.  Congratulations, we will help you find the type of online job or work from home opportunity that is right for you.

There are many options

For working from home.

Top 10 Careers For Working From Home. I base this list from the frequency and volume of freelance jobs available on some of the popular freelance websites online.

  • Admin Assistant
  • Software Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Writer
  • Database Programmers
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Advertising Consultant

I know 3 of the questions you want to know before you waste your time reading about how I make real money online.

  • Is this going to cost you an arm and leg to make money online?  Most of the ways to make money online that I will be talking about are absolutely free.  Some do cost to get started though.
  • For sure you want to know if a beginner with absolutely no idea of how to make money online will be able to leave here and make real money online? Yes.
  • How long will it take you to be able to start making money online? That depends on each individual, but I can tell you now, it won't be overnight. There's no magic to making money online, it takes some time, discipline and effort.

Still here? Good!

You will have enough information and insight to leave here and start your own online business if you want to or you can just hustle online is what I call it. Which is still making money, but not owning any online digital real estate.

Your biggest problem will likely be that you will see too many shining objects.  You will want to try too many things.  Use the method that resonates with you.  If you can't figure out what to do, you want to join my mailing list and give me a call for some coaching.  If you are in Greensboro, attend my class.

I'll tell you this now, and again several times later. Don't try to do too much at one time. Make a decision to make a decision to only work 1 program until you have started making money.  Learning that one system well will teach you a lot that will actually help you work other programs.  This is important for all online marketers but especially for a beginners trying to make money online.

Trust me, I have done that foolishness, you just end up spinning your wheels. Let us begin our journey to starting an online business. You'll learn how I make money online and how you can duplicate any part of it you wish.

some lessons and reality about making money online...

Shall we began?

As a newbie in search of ways to make money online it's hard to figure out where to start. You hear people talking about blogging for income, affiliate marketing programs, building websites to make money, sell stuff in auctions, writing articles and eBooks to make money and everyone's favorite.....doing surveys! Is any of this real?  Yes.  But some are harder than others and some are just a waste of time.

As you may have found out by now, it's easy to get the run around when joining some of these programs to make money online.

Some of the legit make money programs have so many people already participating in them that it's hard to get exposure because you are basically joining a cookie cutter program marketing the same products as everyone else that wants to make money online in the same places duplicating the same system.

Notice how much weight loss, teeth whitening, car insurance, and business opportunities ads you see....many of these are affiliate marketers.

How will you compete in those saturated areas? Forget about it. Let's move on...

Affiliate marketing is a pretty good way to make money online. If you get a with a good affiliate program, it will give you many tools and tips to make you successful. It only makes sense for them to provide these tools and tips because when you make money they make money.

Warning: Some affiliate programs don't offer many tools or training to help you succeed.

What you will be doing is marketing someone else's product's, services, website, or business. It's a fair deal. They did all the design and development and all you do is market. Which means studying how to market online and spending time executing what you learned, getting your affiliate links out there. Sales or sign ups is what you are compensated for.

Your affiliate link is code given to you that containing your affiliate ID which identifies you as the person who generated the sale.

There are many affiliate programs to participate in. Most don't charge you to become an affiliate. Some do and many are scams. If you do your own research after finding a potential program to join, check them out by doing a search on their name and see what feedback you come up with.

This still may be a bit tricky, with so many people online and so many programs.

Some affiliate programs will be labeled as scams that are legit but because some people expect miracles and money with little or no effort on their part they complain.

Other complaints may be legit with hundreds and thousands of dollars spent by people that deliver little more empty promises and false hope. Sometimes it's a real program but not suited for beginners.  They  advanced instructions.

For instance, download this, FTP that, change the DNS to this, blah blah blah. Sounds like another language to beginners. So what benefit is it to you to join something like that?  Not much.

If you want a good solid affiliate program to join for free with the largest selection of digital products to promote and some instruction and ideas on how to get started try Click bank.

Now although those are good ways to actually make money online. You will be marketing stuff that doesn't belong to you. If you violate their rules knowingly or by accident, it could void the agreement you have with them which could forfeit whatever money they owe you for your sales.  That said, a lot of people are making money this way.

Affiliate marketing is a way to start making money.  Digital goods such as ebooks and audio programs will have the highest profit for you.   Affilliroma is a good site to learn from. 

Why an Online Business

There are 3 substantial benefits of starting a business online as opposed to a conventional brick and mortar business.  If you start the business with the right information.

- You can accommodate more customers without having to worry about employees. That saves a lot of headaches.

- You'll spend a lot less on advertising and marketing to get noticed. With the right instruction and guidance you don't have to spend any online to make money.

- You will have less overhead such as water bills, light bills, maintenance, fuel, inventory, supplies, etc. You get the idea.

However all online business opportunities are not created equal. You really want a solid foundation to get started so you won't waste your time.

One business that I will propose to you will deliver all of this and so much more. A foundation with a proper support from the floor up. Proper instruction to make success a reality. With you having full ownership and control positioned for multiple streams of income and purposes.

A business when done right with proper intention, (to help people, more on that later) will all but promote and grow itself.

This thing I am talking about is your very own website. Yes you, building your very own website as a business!

Now, you may ask as many have asked me, if you were talking to me right now, “what will the website be about and how will I build it, I don't know how to build a website?”

Calm down, you got questions, I got answers.(well,some)

Let's get to the fun and exciting part first....

Your website should be about something that you are passionate about. Something that get's you excited. You want to have insight, tips and useful information that keeps the readers attention. Maybe you understand something in a way that others do not and that makes you better at it or just better at explaining it.

Or maybe you know how something works that would help other people out. For instance, if you could teach me how to make a bowling ball curve it would help me to enjoy bowling better.

There may be 5,000,000 bowlers and 500,000 who want to hook but don't know. There may be 1,000 other websites trying to explain this. Most of them will be garbage and few will be good but built by people clueless on building websites properly.

All you have to do is build yours properly and when someone searches for, “how do I make a bowling ball hook” your website shows up on the front page pushing them down in the search results.

They visit your site and you have the info in good instruction, maybe even video, plus links and advertisements by manufactures of bowling stuff.

It's that simple.

Oh, how do you build it properly. Well that is why I am suggesting this particular software if your clueless to all of those things like SEO. Solo Build It will teach you how to build to achieve those results. (More on that in a minute)

Anything that you are passionate and knowledgeable about can be used as the subject matter for your website. Some of the simplest topics could be the niche that makes you an easy extra income online.

Now to your question may be, how in the world will you beat the other websites out when you know nothing about building a website. Maybe you missed it, that's where Solo Build It comes in too.

They take you step by step with video guided instruction teaching you all you need to know to make it happen.

How I Make Money Online (will show you proof in class)

I'll tell you what I did with Solo Build It.

I am a truck driver. Not long after driving, I noticed that there was a lot I never knew about trucking before getting into it. I didn't even have enough insight to ask some the right questions.

I also saw that a lot of drivers ended up miserable for much of the same reason of not knowing what they were getting into.

Some were lied to about the amount of money they would make and the time they would spend out on the road. Some were even told that they could get a local job after getting their CDL when reality is you will rarely find a local trucking job without a few years experience.

Of course if you are in a relationship and the prior paragraph was true you just multiplied the problems it could cause. Along with being away from home, not enough money, some times there is pure devastation to a relationship.

Then there were other stressful issues with the company dispatch.

So you see, lack of understanding about the trucking industry easily causes a lot of problems for people who becomes truckers.

Now, I met drivers who were miserable but I also met plenty of drivers who were extremely happy, positive and just good people. Strong patriotic family men and some focused career minded single men from many backgrounds and out here for many reasons.

This is information that I also wanted to be fed to folks who were not a part of the trucking industry because most of them have a negative image of truckers in their minds.

I noticed that if the miserable drivers had more information about realities of trucking and the impact on the relationship before actually deciding to get into trucking they may have determined that trucking was not the career choice suitable for their personality or situation.

If the public knew what truckers dealt with and how diverse the drivers are in their background and their family situation, they would have a different perception and have more respect for truckers, I thought.

I began leisurely writing about the trucking lifestyle in 2000. It wasn't until about 2006 that I started taking it more seriously and also recording video. After brainstorming and searching about what to do with these thoughts and ideas that I ran across Solo Build It.

After a year of procrastination, I scrapped a lot of writing but started using many of the thoughts and ideas and some video to make a website using Solo Build It to get the job done.

It took a little time to figure out how to structure the website and to actually write the content. I have a bad habit of trying to figure things out without reading the instructions so I didn't expect to see results anytime soon.  Once I decided to look at the action guide, it didn't take long to have progress.

I broke down for almost a week out in Sweet Water, Texas built 30 pages on the website. One week later, much to my surprise and displeasure, (I didn't like the way the site looked yet) I was on the front page of Google results.

Obviously that caused an adrenaline rush and created motivation to do more to make the website better and the rest is history.

Was it hard? Obviously, writing takes a little time and dedication, but anyone can write if you sit still and long enough and scribble enough words on a page enough times. In other words instead of saying I can't, sit down and work on it until it's, “I did it!”

I always say, it's worth taking some time away from watching television or just chatting on line or talking on the phone or hanging out to work on a revenue stream.  Just 2 hours a day until the site is built and then 2 hours a week will grow your business fast.

On Writing Content....

One of the things that I found out, if you just start writing no matter how silly, abstract, or boring, eventually you will writing something that makes sense and you just build and build on that, until next thing you know there is an idea of how to structure your thoughts about the topic or a certain aspect of the topic. In other words you eventually get ideas.

Something else important though that helps. Expose yourself to other people or content of a motivational, positive, spiritual, inspiring nature. This helps you to be insightful, positive and creative and motivated. That by default helps your ability to make the writing come together in the long run.

Overall though the project was pretty easy because it was something I had a passion about. Educating the public and potential truck drivers about the trucking lifestyle for a better understanding and decisions.

My hopes are to eventually change the face and perception of the trucking industry.

(that part is still a work in progress!)

Ok back to website building and making money online. Still today If you search “life as a trucker” or “trucker life” my site is on the first page near top of the results. Solo Build It basically walked me through all the steps to help make this happen.

What this means is people who are researching trucking with those words will find my website without me spending a dime for it to happen. 

So as you can see, you can take what ever it is that you know or are passionate about and accomplish the same goals as I did if you are willing to put forth the time and effort in order to make it happen.

Blogs are ok, but Solo Build It is a website with a blog functionality. Blogger, and wordpress are the most popular blogging platforms. I have both and don't make as much money as my Solo Build It website. But they are cheap and good.  More on blogging

However, you will need to learn about how to make the blog search engine friendly and other tips about marketing and networking on yr own.  (Or you can attend one of my classes on about making money online:-)

People do make money with blogs and they may even be more suitable for some people.  If you like to post on facebook every time you brush your teeth, definitely get a blog.  If you only post significant things or hardly post, a website might be a better fit for you.

These days all you need is a computer, software and drive to learn and succeed. If you want to make excuses don't complain about the results, if you want to make money do something productive with your time. Learn to make money. We have the tools and resources at our fingertips to take advantage of when we decide to. For just about any excuse for not achieving there is a response that makes more sense than the excuse.

Don't forget, I do this is in my free time when I am not driving the truck. My point is this could be a real opportunity for you and your family no matter what your situation even if you are already working full time.

But if you are, you can really make some serious moves online, if you wanted to.

Take some time from TV, Facebook, partying or whatever else that is not productive for just 3 dedicated months.

Eventually your online income could replace going to a 9 to 5 slaving at someone else's business.

You wouldn't have to worry about being fired or laid off because the company moved to another country. How about not having to get up so early in the mornings!

Dedicate a block of hours to work on your website every day. Turn the phone volume completely down or turn it off. Turn the TV off. Get in a completely quite place and focus solely on your website or other online money making adventure.

Doing it this way ensures good productivity. Every time you are interrupted from doing anything, it's takes time to re-adjust your train of thought and get back on track. Staying in the zone means you will start to see money coming in much quicker.

How beautiful is it having your own website or online business making money for you. You put in the work once and the effort keeps producing results.

This translates into something you will never find in most jobs........getting paid the money you are worth for the amount of work that you do.  Then getting paid again!

Most companies nowadays, focuses on paying you as little as possible for as much work as they can get out of you. As if you didn't know.