eBook 101 - What Are eBooks?

An eBook is an electronic book. There are many ways to make an eBook. Here you will learn the cheapest and easiest methods to create an eBook and make it available for purchase.

My First eBook

PDF Files for the eBook

There are many formats that eBooks can come in. The most common file used to create eBooks is the PDF. The best way to create a PDF file for the eBook is Adobe Acrobat.

Some people may not be able to afford it until a few sales of the first eBook! It can run $300. Microsoft Word is an alternate for creating PDF files. However, you probably know that Office is expensive also.

A cheap way of creating your PDF files for your ebook 101 is to use Open Office or LibreOffice.

Download them here.  Open Office or LibreOffice.org With either you can save your document in PDF format.

Where Do You Upload The PDF Files

There are many places that you can upload your pdf as an eBook. You can get webhosting, file hosting or an online storefront to make your eBook available to the public.

One good option for simple hosting is a site called www.e-junkie.com. 

For a more fancier host with other tools check out www.lulu.com, www.createspace.com, or www.blurb.com. There are many others but those are the ones that I have used thus far and it is a they are a breeze.

  • Download their template for the size ebook that you want to create. Choosing a standard size like 6 x 9 is best.
  • Open the template in your preferred software.
  • Type up your eBook.
  • Save as a PDF.
  • Upload to either Createspace.com or Lulu.com or any other website that takes PDF format.

Createspace.com is own by Amazon so your book can automatically be also displayed in the Amazon bookstore.

Creating an Ebook for Sale by Affiliates

If you want your Ebook to be sold by affiliate marketers , you can upload your PDF to an affiliate network.

Marketing Ebooks to Make Money

More than likely, if you are wondering about marketing ebooks to make money, you are talking about affiliate marketing of someone else's eBooks. There is a lot of money to be made this way.

You simply find an eBook about a topic that you like. Most legitimate affiliate programs will have good instructions for you to sign up and start promoting

Ebooks are being read online and downloaded at ever increasing rates.

In 2010 AAP reported that Ebook sales topped 11 billion and is expected to continue to see exponential growth.

This is a great indication that you becoming familiar with publishing or marketing an ebook is very wise.

Ebook 101