Get Paid To Use Social Media  Facebook and Twitter

You may think it is too good to be true that you can get paid to be on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.  It's not, many people are making a living using social media.  You can do it for yourself or you can manage the accounts of businesses who want a presence online.  Take a look at the video talks about using Facebook and Social Media to make money online.  Yes, this is a sought after skill.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • FourSquar
  • Pinterest

This are some of the most popular social media sites that companies want to have web presence on.

Many companies don't have someone who knows how to use either of these alone, much less use them effectively together.

So, if you have spend a lot of time on Facebook and twitter, which are two of the most popular for companies....

Consider marketing your skills of find a company that has already positioned it'self to market them for you.

Maybe all of the time that you, or your children spend online is not in vain.  Of course it's just like anything else, you have to believe in yourself and take action.

You also have to think outside of the box.  If you are looking for work and have the social media skills.  Consider approaching local businesses and offer to create their online presence and manage their account.  If they are hesitant, maybe doing it for free until you reach a certain level for them is an option.  100 friends on facebook or 500 likes.  A certain number of views on YouTube.

If you already have your own following, maybe you can make deals to promote local businesses with your own social presence.  Of course this can be tricky depending on what type of presence you have personally.

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