How to Do the Marketing

How to do the marketing is the number one question that new affiliates have.  It's hard and easy at the same time.  Depends on the product you are promoting and why you are promoting it.  I will explain the 'why you are promoting it' part later.  Here some places that you can market by simply talking about what you are promoting.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Video Sites (YouTube)
  • Other Social Platforms
  • Pinterest Photos
  • On Forums
  • Discussion Boards
  • Your Blog Posts
  • Your Website
  • Solo Ads
  • Classified Ads
  • Other Websites & Blogs
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Text or SMS Marketing

Why are you promoting it?  Money or because you love the product.  Find a product or products that you believe in.  Money driven promotions won't work well for most people.

Marketing Tips For Beginners

  • Love what you are promoting
  • Keep track of what you try
  • Know who you are marketing to (your audience)
  • Learn about keywords
  • Use the product or have proof that it works
  • Don't sell it, share about why you like it

What Makes Your Marketing Work

Your passion is what moves people the most.  You can't have much passion or excitement about what you promote unless you love it for some reason.  Usually that reason is because you have used it and know it works better than anything else or you know someone else who has used it successfully...

Or that it simply does what it is supposed to do and it's a great value which is awesome.

What will not work so well is to just promote something only for the dollar and know nothing about what you are promoting.  You can't say anything about it to make it desirable from that standpoint. 

What you can do, is use someone elses success story with the product or service.  It helps tremendously to your credibility if you have no or little personal experience.  It's a testimonial.

Creating Your Own Produce To Sell

Ebooks 101
Make Your Own Website
Buy and Sell