How To Get a Blog

It's easy to get a blog.  The quickest and easiest way to get a blog would be to go over to and sign in to your google account then create a blog.  If you don't have a Google account you create one and the blog if free.

However, if want to know how to get a blog because you want to use it to make money or just seriously blog, consider using other options.

Nothing wrong with Google.  I have more than 5 blogs over there.  It was fun and easy building there.

However, Google can do whatever they want with the blog.  They don't own the content but they can shut it completely down if they want to.  And not that they would maliciously do so....but if they think you have violated there terms of services it's up to them.

Also, it is designed to be easy and for beginners but if you plan on doing this seriously you will outgrow it.

Where is the best place to start a blog?

There are many places to start a blog.  The thing is that question is not the best question to ask.  One of the best tools or platforms to use is WordPress for your blog.  Now, there is and can not be monetized. requires you to download files and ftp and so forth, they don't host your website. 

These WordPress files are what you want but there is an easier way.

The best option for someone like you is to go to a host which has word press simple install, or one click install, or easy install, or automated install, etc.

In other words, you don't have to do any downloading and upload files.  The WordPress blog is a few clicks away from the host dashboard or control panel.  (that is the website interface that you will use to set up your site)

Upon last research one of the best websites for Wordpress hosting was  There are many other website hosts that are excellent to.  Almost all of them have some type of easy install of WordPress because it is so popular.

How To Get a Blog