How to Make Money With a Website or Blog

So how do you make money with your website or blog?

In order to make money with your website or blog you need visitors also knows and traffic.  When you have good traffic there will be many ways to make money (monetize) your website.

One very popular way to make easy money online would be to use Google adsense on your website or blog. I said Google but there are actually many companies like Google who are 3rd party adservers who connect advertisers and website owners.

They place ads on websites based on certain criteria such as the subject matter of the content on your site. You will only need a very little understanding of how it all works in order to make it work for you.

You can learn about adsense at which is where you would sign up, create the code copy it and then paste it on your site where you want the ad to be displayed, you've seen them on websites. Might see them on this one at some point.

Best location for these types of ads (called hotspot) are usually upper left and across the top.

Another way to make money with your website is to sell products from companies such as Amazon. You would sign up at they would instruct you on how to find products that match your website visitor's interest.  It's called affiliate marketing.

You copy the code and paste it on your website to display the product. You would then get a cut of the sales.

Sadly, this options has been compromised lately with legislation by states demanding taxes be collected and Amazon has simply dropped affiliates from those states. This includes North Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, Connecticut and other states.

A Third way to make money on your website is by selling digital goods such as ebooks or software from affiliates such as clickbank as mention earlier.

Notice, now the difference is you own the platform(digital real estate)  in which you will display the products from clickback. If anything happens and you get dropped, you still own the website where you have worked hard to generate traffic and you go about making money with it in other ways.

You can also learn from the tips and resources sections how to create your own ebook to sell on your website, which I highly recommend that you eventually do. You would then take that ebook and put it on to let other people sell it also.

There are all kinds of variations of money makers out there. Some will be suited better for your website than others. Some will be suited more for to your personality better than others.

You could also sell direct advertising space to companies just like TV and radio does. Especially attractive to local businesses if you have a popular website or to some national companies if you have massive traffic and a tight niche website.

Any of these methods would be promoting offers that are related to what ever subject your website is about in most cases.

So if your website is about growing watermelons you might advertise ebooks about creating fertile soil or mulch. If your website was about how to catch the biggest fish you might advertise for a rod and reel company or bass boat company or a lake that holds tournaments. You got the idea. (I hope, lol)

However, you don't have to only advertise products, services, or companies that are related directly with the content of your website, that is just of course a natural fit.

There are many companies who will know that people who like what you are writing about on your website will also like the products or services they offer when it is not related.

You could choose products yourself that you think would appeal to your visitors. You also can promote popular stores, products and service that you see everyday. Affiliate Network sites such as Commission Junction lets you locate these.

At the end of the day, it's up to you who you will and will not allow to advertise on your website. It's your website. It's your business.

Leary about what subject matter or angle you will present on your website?

Remember you don't have to have your own products to market however, I do recommend that creating your own products be one of your goals. You can create CD's, DVD's, and Ebooks to sell on your website.

These days all you need is a computer, software and drive to learn and succeed. If you want to make excuses don't complain about the results, if you want to make money do something productive with your time. Learn to make money. We have the tools and resources at our fingertips to take advantage of when we decide to. For just about any excuse for not achieving there is a response that makes more sense than the excuse.

Now all of us will decide on exactly what things we want to o and what things we don't but either way we can get things done to achieve the final outcome.

For instance if you want a website but you don't want to spend time learning or building it, you can pay someone to build the website for you. Yes, you still get all the benefits, it just costs you more because you are not doing that work. It is time intensive. If you are currently unemployed....I don't believe your are still sitting there! Lo,l Don't pay anyone anything, get busy!

With Solo Build It they have services to build your website the way you want it.

In your community there are website designers who will build you a website. You need to make sure the domain is registered to you with your information so you retain ownership and that you can switch hosts if necessary.

If you want a blog there may be someone there that will build that for you also. You might want to just ask around your nieces, nephews, or children to see if they have already been playing with blogger and wordpress.

Pay them to build it for you. You can also get them started pursuing this as a business venture instead of surfing and playing games. By time they are in college they will know how to apply their education with the technology, tools and applications that exists now arrives later down the road.

This is the today's reality. Peole who are living in the past will not keep up with where things are headed. You need to be getting your feet wet or get fully emerged in creating an online presence no matter who you are, individual or business. I am not talking about goofing off and surfing, which is ok but that is not how you should spend all your time online.

Ok I am getting a little off track here, imagine that. To me this is just so important that for people and businesses to understand. Sorry if I overemphasize.

So, you may wonder how easy is it to get advertisers. If you build quality and content a advertisers will come when they see that the visitors value your website. It's as simple as that really.

Don't forget, I do this is in my free time when I am not driving the truck. My point is this could be a real opportunity for you and your family no matter what your situation even if your already working full time.

But if your, you can really make some serious moves online, if you wanted to.

Take some time from TV, Facebook, partying or whatever else that is not productive for just 3 dedicated months. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at the direction you find yourself going. All of a sudden your see new opportunities and potential for the internet in your life and hopefully in the lives of the people you will serve.

Eventually your online income could replace going to a 9 to 5 slaving at someone else's business.

You wouldn't have to worry about being fired or laid off or the company moving to another country. How about not having to get up so early in the mornings!

Eventually I will be able to stop driving and dedicate my time and attention to my passion of making sure drivers know what they are getting into should they become truckers.

I could also dedicate more time to making the public more aware of who we truckers are. As a matter of fact since I have your attention be on the look out for the Documentary by my website's name...Life As A Trucker.

(Nice plug, spread the word please.)

Oh, back on track........

If you are employed this is an excellent opportunity to invest in you.

If you are not currently employed.....

I would say you have to be half crazy no, completely crazy not start building an online business with all your free time.

You will see results much quicker than me.

Dedicate a block of hours to work on your website every day. Turn the phone volume completely down or turn it off. Turn the TV off. Get in a completely quite place and focus solely on your website or other online money making adventure.

Doing it this way ensures good productivity. Every time your interrupted from doing anything, it's takes time to readjust to your train of thought and get back on track. Procrastination is strong effective dream killer. Staying in the zone means you will start to see money coming in much quicker.

How beautiful is it having your own website. You put in the work once and the thing stays up there helping the visitors while you sleep, vacation, take care of your children or build another website. Oh, yeah, you can build as many websites as your heart desires.

As long as you are helping the visitors, your going to make a money. Yes this means your making money constantly from doing the majority of the work once upfront once.

Of course you will always add to it, more and more when you feel the urge, or see a need to tweak, tune or simply provide more information but if it's your passion it's a joy anyway right.

This translates into something you will never find in most jobs........getting paid the money your worth for the amount of work that you do.

Most companies nowadays, focuses on paying you as little as possible for as much work as they can get out of you. As if you didn't know.

The nature of building an online business, especially a website, is you directly benefit in proportion to the work you do. As times goes on not only do you benefit in proportion but you get back way more than you put in.

Think about it.... If you spent up to 4 grueling hours every day working on this website for 3 month straight to make it awesome that might be a lot of hard work and dedication but....

when it starts to bring in hundreds, then eventually thousands a month after your initial work is done and your down to only spending 5 hours a week updating and tweaking, you will live a completely different life.

I can also tell you that there is an adrenaline rush along with the check you receive in the mail or to your paypal account.

Well things gets even better from there......

The reality is the older your website is the more traffic it will get (if you followed the video action guide) because of people spreading the news about your website to anyone they know who is interested in the subject matter, which means the more money you will make each month. It's called a the snowball effect.

There simply is no better opportunity for you than to spend time learning how to make money online than now.

If you don't use Solo Build It make sure you do some serious researching online to find a program that interests you and get started doing something. To watch a video that details all of Solo Build It go here