Learn How to Sell Drop Ship Products

Learn how to sell drop ship products from online suppliers.  There are legitatime drop ship companies in America, China, Mexico and other parts of the world with established reputations and waiting to do business with you.  I tried this a long time ago.  The experience was not good.  The benefit now is with so many ratings and reviews you can research and find good companies to work with prior to spending money.  I spend $900 just to have access to a list of suppliers.  It didn't go well because they didn't do much training and I didn't know what I was doing.  So the ones that were legit, still didn't result in sales for me.  I was researching again because I have a friend who sales a lot of stuff on Ebay.  However, he actually sells stuff he finds at yard sales.  I wanted to help him expand his offerings.  I found and became an affiliate of Salehoo.

The reason I stopped when I came across them is that they are well known and provide excellent training for newbies and even current sellers.

So if you want to learn how to dropship I recommend using them.  I do get a commission if you go to them through my banner and I would appreciate the support.  I wouldn't promote it if I didn't believe it would be something that you would love well enough to tell people that you learned about it here at Real Money Online.  Directory of Drop Shippers