Can You Make Your Own Website?

You can make your own website.  It may not be as hard as you think with all of the tools out there.  You might have a harder time deciding on what to make the website about and which tool or host to use for building your website.  There are thousands of options for hosts.  Here are some ideas for the website.

  • What are your passions
  • What are your skills
  • Special Knowledge
  • Exciting Background
  • Your Life Journey
  • Life Lessons Learned
  • Struggles You Overcame
  • Hobbies You've Mastered

What if Websites are already built about my  topic?

Someone else can build a site about the same topic as you, however, they can't take your unique view of the topic and add your personal charm and creativity.

If you pick something that you love and know a lot about, you will be able to make your own website an enjoyable, interesting and/or enlightening experience for the website visitors.  Or you can just research the information but if you don't love it that will be tedious and just like working a job you don't like.

Although the payback will be much better!

I am not a good writer, can still make a website?

Writing is no different than any other skill.  The more that you write the better you become at it.  Also there are options for outsourcing your writing if it is that much of a chore to you.  The same websites that I mention to those wanting to telecommute to work from home have writers that will do the job.

Also, there is now software which will record your voice and translate it into text.  This software may already be installed on your computer if  it is new.  If not search for voice to text software.  You will still have to do a lot of editing, but is helps a lot if you don't know how to type. 

Learning to type would benefit you more in the end because it is yet another skill that you develop which increases your personal value to the marketplace. Just a side note.

How Do I Quickly Make Money With The Website I Build?

I know you want to make your own website in order to make money but in order to make money, you need traffic.  In order to get traffic you need to do this first...

  • Provide quality content
  • Useful information
  • Let your passion for the subject come across
  • Have a unique spin, voice, angle, etc...on the topic
  • Have a genuine interest in helping the website visitor
  • Optimize the page for search engines in the process

Once you build your site and get traffic here is how you monetize the website. (make money with it.)

The 7 Steps To Start Your Own Website

Before starting you want to learn about search engine optimization or SEO. 

  • Step 1 - Choose a website host. This will be your website home.  The hosts holds the files to your website.
  • Step 2 - Decide on your topic.  Then determine the right domain name for that topic using the right keywords for the topic.
  • Step 3 - Do a domain name check at the domain registry after brainstorming for the best name you can come up with based on Step 2 and register the domain.
  • Step 4 - Decide what will be sub categories of the main topic you chose.  These will be the pages.  You will need to research the keywords for those sub categories to use in page titles to properly SEO.
  • Step 5 - Build quality content pages using your unique voice, personal opinions, experience, research, etc. Submit your site to search engines.
  • Step 6 - Share your wonderful website with others with some of the same techniques that I described to market affiliate programs
  • Step 7 - After 30 pages of content monetize.  Based on your content and the angle of your website, decide on which ways you will use to make money with your website.

Note:  There is a way learn all of this.  Sign up for the course in the right column and you will get them sent to you for free. 

Alternatively you can just use this host to build your website and they teach you step by step as you build.

What about WordPress for a website?

Wordpress started as a simple blog.  Now it can be a great option for  website.  In many cases it is one of the best options due to flexibility and functionality.  You still need to find a host if you plan is to use it to make money one day. 

You can build a website/blog  for free but you can't monetize it.

In my opinion, for a first website, I would opt for the training on the go to learn what I am doing first either with the 5 courses offered in the right column.

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