Selling Goods

Selling goods online can be done in many ways. You can sell digital goods or you can sell physical goods. On this page we will cover selling physical also called hard goods. Go here to learn about selling digital goods online.

You can sell someone else's goods or you can sell your own personal goods. You can use this information to do either.

If you are creative and produce products that you want to sell, it's even better because you are able to continue the process. (Hopefully)

Sell your stuff

However, if you don't produce your own goods that you are wanting to sell there are ways to find goods to sell. Many people use classifieds to either find stuff that other people are wanting to buy.

They buy it then contact the people who are too lazy to search. They resell the item to the buyer for more than they paid for it. Some may see this as slick. It is basically paying a commission for the product hunters time. Nothing wrong with that. (When you buy from a retail spot you are buying from the middle man too!)

You can place your ads in the classified just as those people did. Craigslist is still one of the most popular classified sites for local listings but there many other classified websites that you can post at both free classified sites and paid classified websites.

Another way to sell products or merchandise is to build your own website in order to sell them. Selling buy building your own website it talked about here.

Selling Goods