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Telecommuting is working from home during the normal business hours while being paid by your employer. It is also know as telework or flexjobs. Usually your entire work week is not done working from home, just time and days that are agreed upon or authorized by the employer.

Many large companies are discovering that management by objectives with good dependable workers can give them result just as effective or better than management by observation.

In other words, if your work can be done from home and you are a responsible competent person, why not allow you to work from home.

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However, if you know like I know, not all people will change easily. You may work for a company right now doing work that could be doing from home. That company may have even considered this alternative.

If you and your peers at work brainstormed and came up with a proposal that detailed all of the benefits to the company to allow you to telecommute and how you would go about getting the work done, you might like the results. Or do it for just your position.

Make sure that you point out how long you have been a responsible and effective employee and that working from home would not diminish the quality and proficiency of your work but instead increase it and make you love the job even more.

You will have to point out of course why this is so!

Benefits of Telecommuting

There are obvious advantages of telecommuting. If you are the right type of person who is employed at a job suitable for working from home.

Saves gas which saves money and the environmentLess distractions than some officesCould be less stressful than some offices and the commute thereTelecommuting is more productive without the commuteIncreases employee loyaltyIncreases employee retentionAbility of tasks and operations to continue if there is a disaster at the workplace

Qualifications of a Telecommuter

Not just anyone can be a telecommuter. Some people aren't in positions in which working from home would be feasible. Beyond that though, the individual must have some qualities to make this a win/win situation for him/her self and the employer.

  • Must be responsible
  • Must be organized
  • Must be disciplined
  • Must have effective communications skills
  • Must be self reliant
  • Must be proficient in job duties
  • Posses time management skill
  • Should have a passion for the job
  • Should have knowledge of computer, internet, data equipment, or what ever communications or operations needed to perform the job

Types of jobs most likely to allow telecommuting

Many types of jobs have positions in which a person could telecommute. 51 percent of major companies in the U.S. has flexjobs. You don't know about it because for the most part, they have no need to advertise it. Think about it.

However you will find some postings on on websites that do careful screening and refuse to allow less reputable opportunities to post. There are some jobs that are much more prone to be allowed at home than others. Here are a few

  • Customer Service Work
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Help Desk
  • Graphic Design
  • Word Processing
  • Data Entry
  • Insurance Salesman
  • Telemarketers
  • Software Developers
  • Market Research

There are many government jobs that allow people to work from home. They are actively encouraging telecommuting and has passed legislation to cover telecommuting as recent as 2010 stating telecommuting guidelines and policies for government agencies about workers and telecommuting. Telework Enhancement Act of 2010


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