Write a Book

It's a new day. No longer do you have to seek out a publisher, compromising your true creativity and vision to conform to industry acceptance. You can self publish cheaper and easier than ever. You can either write traditional books or write ebooks. All you need to bring to the table is content.

Everyone has a book in them. What holds most people up is...

  • they hate writing
  • they procrastinate
  • they don't believe what they have to say is worth writing
  • they think it will not appeal to other people.

I am a fan of personal development and motivational books.  Those are not the biggest sellers. Fiction novels sell far more. My suggestion is to write based on what you have experienced and learned in life.  Or something that you are passionate about.  Consider putting it in a fictional story unless you are actually writing something like an autobiography.

What am I talking about?  .....just write about whatever you want, lol.

The point is there is something you have inside of you that you could write about. For some people the ideas comes easy. For others it is hard to find at first. 


What lessons have you learned?

What interesting experiences have you had?

What things have you learned that many others don't really know about?

What information have you pick up on which you are interested enough in to research more and share with the world in a book?

What is your opinion on provocative topics?

What are you passionate about?

What world changes would you like to see?

What you can write about is only limited by your creativity. If you spend enough time thinking about it, you will find something to write about.

For others the ideas might be there but hard to organize.  No worries.  Just get it out of your head.

Take out a sheet of paper and just list the subjects, topics or thoughts that comes to mind. Take them out each day read over it and add to it if you need to.

Maybe each Saturday, dedicate an hour or two to looking at the list and see what things can be group together and make up a them to write about.

When you are traveling in your car listen to motivation cds which will help you to think outside of the box. Before you know it, you will start seeing your past experiences in new ways and some will come to your mind that you would love to write about.

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Write a Book